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Hot Neuron Launches to Promote Discussion of the Future of Ad-Supported Content on the Web

BRYN MAWR, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30, 2001--Hot Neuron LLC has launched the SaveTheFreeWeb.comSM site to provide information and a forum for discussion about the the future of ad-supported online content, with an emphasis on the impact of ad-blocking software.

With many online publishers finding it difficult to generate enough revenue from advertising, two competing trends have emerged. One is the trend toward more aggressive advertising (larger ads, pop-ups, etc.) and the other is an increase in the use of ad-blocking software. ( provides links to articles and a discussion forum to help people learn more about the future of ad-supported content.

The site also serves as a central location where advertisers, software developers, web publishers, and other interested parties can post and respond to proposed standards of behavior for advertisers and makers of ad-blocking software in an effort to balance the rights of content owners with the interests of web site users.

"It is important for site owners to understand what motivates users to employ ad-blocking software so that they can make informed policy decisions about the ads they carry and whether or not to allow people to use ad-blockers on their site," explained Hot Neuron CEO Bill Dimm. Efforts by makers of ad-blocking software to have manufacturers bundle their programs with modems and computers could ultimately impact the viability of ad-supported content on the web.

While it may be wise for publishers to offer users the choice between content on an ad-free subscription basis and an ad-supported basis, as has done, "It would be unfortunate if the ad-supported option disappeared," according to Dimm.

Hot Neuron also operates the ( site, which aggregates links to free online magazine articles to provide data feeds to client sites and help users find articles with its search engine and article directory. The company has a strong interest in seeing the availability of free content continue.

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