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Hot Neuron LLC Launches

BRYN MAWR, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 28, 2000--Hot Neuron LLC is proud to introduce the MagPortal.comSM web site which is a free service providing a categorization of individual magazine articles and search engine.

Although the Internet provides vast amounts of free information, it can be time consuming to find quality information which is so widely scattered. helps by providing access to a diverse set of free online magazines. Its categorization of individual articles makes it easy to monitor articles on a particular topic regardless of where they are published. The search engine makes a valuable research tool. The service should be of interest to anyone who reads magazines, but it is especially helpful to business people who want to track recent articles in their field.

While generic search engines such as Lycos return links to sites of varying quality, focuses on established magazines. Its index is updated within days of a new article becoming available, while generic search engines may take weeks to update. "If you want to find recent information on topics ranging from e-commerce to movie reviews, this is a great way to do it," according to CEO Bill Dimm.

The site also demonstrates a pre-release version of the company's Hot Neuron SimilarityTM software which uses a proprietary algorithm to measure the similarity of two documents. When a user finds an article they like, they can click on an adjacent icon to list similar articles.

Hot Neuron LLC is an Internet software and services company founded by Bill Dimm who has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics from Cornell University. He developed mathematical models and computer code in the interest rate derivatives research group at BNP/Cooper Neff, Inc. for four years before leaving to start Hot Neuron LLC. For more information see, Hot Neuron, and Hot Neuron Similarity are trademarks and service marks owned by Hot Neuron LLC. Lycos is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University.

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